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Pooch Pride Label Contest

We’re looking for new Toller Talent!  Have your pooch featured on our annual Special Edition Brew label.   If you would like to see your pooch adorned on one our beer labels, send us your pooch.  Complete the form and submit.  Watch for your pooch’s picture to appear.

Last Year's Winner: Arthur

Pooch Pride - Arthur

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Last Year's Runners Up

Pooch Pride - Zora


Pooch Pride - Ronan


Pooch Pride - Poppy


Pooch Pride - Cedar


Screaming Toller - Taco


This Year's Current Pooches

Laddie 2022


He’s on duty, patrolling the neighbourhood for dangerous mailmen.

Jazz 2022


New home. All of the feels.

Reese 2022


Our all season dog!

Zuzu 2022


Zuzu has been part of my life since she was 6 months old. She has gotten me through a divorce, a new relationship and parenthood. She is not only also the loyal companion of my partner as well as me, but she is a fierce protector of our new baby. She completes our family.

Toby 2022


This is my dog toby he recently passed away but he was the most loving playful dog I have ever seen. He is the type of dog that is the definition of fetch. He was the best dog I’ve ever had and to see him on your can would mean more than the world to me and everyone that has ever met him.

Harley 2022


If you wanted to fetch Harley would fetch until her paws were raw. If you wanted to watch a movie, she would chill beside you as long as you wanted. She was the flower girl at our wedding and she protected both of our boys doors when we brought them home as babies. Harley lived her best life until 17.5, with her last walk being 3 days before that.

Ozzie 2022


Ozzie is a Toller from Upstate New York. He now resides in Baltimore, MD. He is a persnickety yet sociable 4-year-old with an attitude. He loves his family and pup friends. He enjoy beer (don’t ask how we know this), and would love to be featured by Screaming Toller.

Shelby 2022


Shelby my 8 year old loving, energetic, and crazy toller. She loves the beach and loves to chase geese across parks. Our family had a 14 year old toller before her and we really miss him. But having her in our lives has definitely eased the pain of losing him. Shelby is loved by everyone and is extremely loved by her family. She is showered in treats, hugs and kisses every single day!

Ahsoka 2022


A friend’s dad brought us some Alpenglow from Calgary when he came to Vancouver Island to visit since he knew we have a toller (their toller passed away a couple years ago, RIP Kipper!) We ended up waiting to try it on our week long camping trip to North island, so it’s safe to say this one can of beer has been well travelled; on a plane, over a ferry, then down 500 km of back country BC logging roads, all to end up at San Josef Bay for the perfect pic (and then a satisfying drink).

Pooch Pride 2021 Submissions