Nature Needs Our Protection

At the Screaming Toller Brewing Company we strive to decrease our environmental footprint at every opportunity. 

We are firm believers in the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

A) Reduce: The Screaming Toller Brewing Company looks to source local ingredients wherever possible, reducing the carbon footprint of goods being shipped for brewing. STBC uses Alberta Grains and water from the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Most hops are sourced from the Yakima Valley in Washington State which is the closest major hop producing region to Southern Alberta. Local alternatives will be pursued when applicable.

B) Reduce, Recycle: Choosing plastic rings over pak-techs for 4 pack holders.  While this may sound like flawed logic given the reputation of plastic rings, the pak-techs that are normally used on craft beer cans are not recyclable in Alberta. They simply get diverted to landfills after they are placed into blue recycle bins. The plastic rings we use are 100% recyclable and photodegradable. They also require less material and power to manufacture. Soon we will begin to move away from plastic rings and use biodegradable 4 packs for all of our canned product, as plastic is a big problem for our food chains.

C) Reuse: When we use cardboard flats for our samples, we save and donate them to a home brewing facility.They are reused there by the customers of that facility.

D) Reduce: We are actively lobbying the AGLC/Connect Logistics to build a Southern Alberta Warehouse facility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Under current regulations, our product must be shipped to the Connect Logistics Warehouse in St. Albert for distribution. Currently there is the only one distribution warehouse that AGLC/Connect Logistics has for the entire province in St. Albert.

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