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Our passionate team of dog lovers, outdoor adventurers and dedicated beer lovers have joined forces to create an outstanding Alberta brewery.  Using years of business expertise, combined with our global research of the various beer styles and investigating how to use Alberta's best ingredients to make a world class beer line, we are proud to bring to the market - Screaming Toller Brewing Company.

Ryan Kemp

President - CEO  | Master Brew Crafter 
Over the last several years, Ryan has become passionate about Craft Beer. This has led to him researching the various beer styles around the world and investigating how Alberta ingredients can make the best beers. After an 8 year sales career, Ryan has decided to make a passion a livelihood.

Ryan is the proud pet parent to Titus and Kuma, the Nova Scotia Duck Toller Dogs - the brand inspiration for his Screaming Toller Brewing Company. He loves spending time with them in the mountains. Ryan's best moments are having a great beer after a great day  shared with friends, family and his dogs.  

Jim Kemp

VP Sales + Operations  |  Leader of the Pack 
Jim has 40 years of business development sales and marketing expertise. He is now applying his well developed business skills as Vice President of Sales and Operations for the Screaming Toller Brewing Company. 

As an avid outdoor sportsman and former Team Canada rugby player, he knows all about enjoying a great beer after spending the day in the mountains or doing strenuous activities.

Lara Kemp 

Brand Marketing  |  Brand Influencer 
Lara is a Canadian currently living in the US with Kyle and their dog Nova. With the business of football she has enjoyed the ability to network and meet new people. She is passionate about fitness and brand marketing, and is excited to bring the Screaming Toller brand south of the border.

Kyle Nelson

International Marketing  |  Promotions 
Kyle is an NFL veteran with a career spanning 10 years. He has always been passionate about long snapping and his love for IPAs. He is a dual citizen with ties to both the CFL and NFL, and he not only plans to expand his football career but also the Screaming Toller brand. 

Titus Kemp

Senior Business Developer
Titus has been in the Fetch and Swim game for over a decade. He looks forward to welcoming you at your local pet friendly liquor store and patio. He also knows what a good treat tastes like and will be guiding customers to Screaming Toller beer!
Contact Titus at nearest river or lake

Kuma Kemp

Intern Market Analyst
Kuma is an eager intern working under Titus' tutelage, learning the tricks of the trade. He also looks forward to greeting you at the local pet friendly businesses where Screaming Toller is served!
Contact Kuma at nearest river or lake

Nova Kemp

Marketing Assistant | Trek Companion
Although Nova is a Bernadoodle, her input to the marketing team is invaluable. Her love of pool swimming makes us wonder if she is a closet Toller.
Contact Nova at nearest poolside
CEO / President
Master Beer Crafter
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